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iPhone Tripod is an accessory that you attach your phone to, giving you the capability of taking quality photos and videos with a wide range of angles. With a professional ball head lens, iPhone Tripod lets you adjust your camera’s angle and can find a central point (when shooting) regardless of where the focal point is. A tripod is an important tool in any photographer’s gear.

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Why you need an iPhone Tripod?

  • Selfie Stick Tripod & Phone Tripod Stand: Switch freely between selfie stick mode and tripod stand mode. The tripod is applicable to any situation such as selfies, group photos, adventure travel, vlogging, YouTube videos, podcasts, Facebook Live, FaceTime, Instagram.
  • Extendable & All the Angles You Need: Extendable from 18.2 inches to 62.5 inches, combined with 180° neck rotation & 360° head rotation to find your best & beautiful shooting angle. You can take incredible photos through a shooting angle that has never been used before.
  • Wireless Remote Shutter: The pocket-sized wireless remote shutter allows you to take selfies or group photos easily from a distance up to 33 feet(10 meters), compatible with most smart phones. No app download necessary. Easily capture all the beautiful moments.
  • Wide Compatibility: The flexible phone holder is compatible with ALL Android phone & iPhone, and the universal 1/4″ screw mount is applicable for most digital cameras, action camera, webcam, GoPro and camcorder.
  • Sturdy and Stable: Made of highly-durable aluminum-alloy material with stainless steel. There is a locking knob in the center and a non-slip pad on the base to prevent tilting or shaking. Greatly increase the stability of tripod
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I bought my daughter. She often travels, knows how to make many photos and selfies. The goods are OK, no damage. More convenient, the functional legs of the tripod have become more stable

Shelia Stone

The product is perfect. Long folding handle for horizontal and vertical placement of mobile devices. All types of light are strong. I like this mini selfie stick. Very powerful

Tillie Hartley

The self-stick is very useful and practical. It fits in your backpack, gym bag, purse or small bag. It holds your cellphone very steadily

Stéphanie Arthur

Works perfectly hold the phone firmly and clings anywhere with ease and strength


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What is iPhone tripod?

what is an iphone tripod

One of the most popular and useful accessories for iPhones is the iPhone tripod. This tripod allows you to take photos or videos with your phone in a stable position, making it easier to capture high-quality footage. Here’s a look at what an iPhone tripod is and how it can help your photography.

How does iPhone tripod work?

iPhone tripod is a nifty tool that helps you take great photos and videos with your iPhone. Simply place your iPhone on the tripod, set the desired height, and start shooting. The tripod automatically adjusts to match your iPhone’s height, so you can take perfect photos every time.

How many types of iPhone tripod?

There are many types of iPhone tripod, but the most common type is the suction cup tripod. This tripod uses a small suction cup to attach to a smooth surface, like a window or mirror.

Another type of iPhone tripod is the grip clip tripod. This tripod uses a metal grip clip to attach to your phone. The grip clip allows you to hold your phone in one hand while taking photos or videos.

The final type of iPhone tripod is the stand mount tripod. This tripod uses a flexible stand to hold your phone in place. You can use this type of tripod to take photos or videos from high up, or to position your phone in different ways.

What are the benefits of using an iPhone tripod?

There are many benefits to using an iPhone tripod, including the following:

  • The tripod can be used to take photos and videos that are stable and reliable.
  • The tripod is easy to use and portable.
  • You can take photos and videos without having to worry about shaky footage.

How to choose the best iPhone tripod?

If you’re looking for an iPhone tripod that will help you capture stunning photos and videos, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure the tripod is compatible with your iPhone. Second, consider the size and weight of the tripod. Third, consider the type of phone mount the tripod has. Finally, make sure the tripod is easy to set up and use. In this article, we’ll discuss each of these factors in more detail.

Most iPhone tripods are compatible with both newer and older iPhones. However, some models only work with certain iPhones. Make sure to check the compatibility information before you purchase the tripod. In addition to compatibility, consider size and weight when choosing an iPhone tripod.

The size of an iPhone tripod largely depends on the size of your phone. The larger your phone is, the larger most tripods will be able to accommodate. However, some models have adjustable mounts that can accommodate even larger phones. Additionally, many tripods have built-in handlebars that make it easy to carry around or transport the tripod from place to place.

How to use iPhone tripod?

how to use iphone tripod

Start with your tripod, the hands-free setup you often use when you want to take great photos or videos. The size of your tripod can depend on how it is folded and if the legs telescope (or fold inside of one another). You may need to loosen screws to open up your tripod in order to expand it into its full glory.

Adjust the height of your tripod so that it’s stable. If you have a flexible tripod with flexible legs, do this step before mounting your camera. Once everything is secure, don’t forget to tighten the knobs on the tripod so that your phone doesn’t fall accidentally.

Once you’ve paired your smartphone with a tripod, attach the mount to your phone by pressing it on top. Then, give it a little bit of a shake to make sure that it’s definitely secured.

If you have a case that is preventing your clip-on lenses from fitting, remove the case to get them to fit in the clamp. Most cases prevent clips from working with their lenses.

You will now be ready to take some good quality, high resolution photographs and get started on your project by following another article in our blog series on tips for taking better photos with your cell phone.

Where to buy iPhone tripod?

Right here on our website iphone-tripod.com. With many years of experience and thousands of processed orders, we believe you will find what you need from us.

How much is iPhone tripod?

The price of iPhone tripod varies depending on types, from $11 to $50. You can check the detail here.


Is a phone tripod worth it?

If you’re looking for a tripod that will securely hold your iPhone for snapping photos or recording videos, the answer is likely yes. However, if you primarily use your iPhone for browsing the web or checking email, a phone tripod is not necessary. There are many alternatives (such as holding your phone with one hand) that are just as effective and often less expensive.

Can you attach an iPhone to a tripod?

There are a few different ways to attach an iPhone to a tripod. One way is to use a bracket that attaches to the phone’s camera lens. Another option is to use a tripod mount that fits over the phone’s screen.

Is the iPhone tripod compatible with all iPhones?

The iPhone tripod is compatible with all iPhones, including the newest models. The tripod is made out of strong metal and can hold phones up to 5 inches wide. The tripod also has a adjustable arm to ensure that your phone is LEVEL.

Can you take selfies with the iPhone tripod?

Yes! You can take selfies with the iPhone tripod just like you would with any other tripod.

How to attach iPhone to tripod?

If you’re looking for a way to attach your iPhone to a tripod for shooting photos and videos, there are a few different options available. You can use an adhesive mount, or use an accessory known as a grip arm. To use an adhesive mount, you’ll need to purchase an adapter and then attach it to the tripod mount on your phone. To use a grip arm, you’ll need to purchase the arm and then attach it to the phone.

How to connect tripod remote to iPhone?

You need to first turn on the device, then enable Bluetooth and scan for your remote. Once this is done, tap the discovered remote.

How tall should a phone tripod be?

There is no one definitive answer to this question since it largely depends on the type of photography you plan to do with your iPhone tripod. But, generally speaking, a phone tripod should be tall enough that your camera lens is at least a few inches above the ground. Additionally, make sure the tripod supports your device securely so that it doesn’t move around while you’re taking photos or videos.

Can I use an iPhone tripod with an Android phone?

With the advent of Android phones, many people are wondering if they can use an iPhone tripod with their Android phone. The answer is yes, but there are a few caveats.

First, you will need a compatible adapter if your iPhone camera has a proprietary connector. There are several third-party adapters available, but the simplest and most affordable option is to purchase an apple-to-android adapter from Amazon.com.

Second, because iPhones and Android phones are not exactly the same size, you may have to do some trial and error to find a tripod that will work with both devices. Some tripods feature adjustable legs that can accommodate different phone sizes, while other tripods require you to use a separate adaptor for each type of phone.

Overall, using an iPhone tripod with an Android phone is possible, but it may require some trial and error to find the right combination of adapter and tripod.

Do I need a tripod for my iPhone?

If you’re looking for a stable platform to take high-quality photos and videos with your iPhone, a tripod can be a great way to achieve that goal. Here are four reasons why you might want to invest in a tripod for your iPhone:

To take pictures or videos that are steady and clear: A tripod can help to ensure that your photos or videos are taken at a steady angle and without shaky movements.

To take pictures or videos in low-light situations: A tripod can help to produce clear photos or videos in low-light settings, making it easier to capture detail and highlights.

To take pictures or videos in difficult or awkward positions: A tripod can enable you to take pictures or videos from difficult or awkward positions, such as from high up in a tree or from below ground level.

To create professional-grade photos and videos: A tripod can help to produce high-quality photos and videos that look like they were taken by a professional photographer or videographer.